Launching Spring 2019

Visit Vladivostok

with travellers Pass card
Vladivostok  Pass
Get the most out of your visit

Not just a card with discounts in restaurants in shops all over the downtown. Not just free entry to museums. But a guide which will show you the places only locals know, which will tell you the stories about the city which even locals did not hear.

Vladivostok  Pass

Included in Vladivostok Pass

Admission coupons


for admission with significant discounts to most exciting Vladivostok attractions

Guide book


100+ pages paper book with everything you need to know about our city

Walking city tours with VCP


crafted by local city guides and historians covering the best attractions, historical sights, secret spots and panoramic viewing points

Discounts and complements


44 restaurants, cafes and other locations prepared special complements, gifts and discounts specially for Vladivostok Pass guests

VCP includes a tourist map


with everything you might need + Vladivostok Pass partners locations

VCP offers bonus or discount for taxi services


or discount for selected taxi services to help you reach locations beyond public transportation network

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Admission coupons to top attractions

SAVE up to 30% on admission to top Vladivostok attractions. Including:

  • Arseniev Museum
  • Primorsky State Art Gallery
  • TOF Museum
Vladivostok  Pass


100+ PAGES ready to go plan for your visit. No need to google...


  • Tourist Map
  • Story of Vladivostok city
  • Top attractions and must-see/must-do list from locals
  • Self-guided walking tours around historical center
  • Selection of guided outdoor tours
  • All you need to know for comfortable visit: weather, public transportation, etc.
Vladivostok  Pass Vladivostok  Pass

Walking Tours

Vladivostok  Pass Vladivostok  Pass

Explore Vladivostok with self-guided walking tours, crafted by city locals and historians. Walking tours will tell you the story of our city and show you the most interesting places and routes.

The main tour is a full day walk which is split on 10 sections. Follow along from beginning at city's oldest street Svetlanskaya to the end on Mt. Orlynaya with iconic panoramic view on Vladivostok. Or hop on the most convenient section for a short walk.

Discounts & Complements

On your route and beyond 44 locations joined together to provide you the most enjoyable experience. You'll receive special complements, gifts and discounts in cafes, restaurants, shops and more..

Vladivostok  Pass